For customers

Are my data in safe hands with C-Sticker?

The hosting takes place on an ISO 270001 and ISO9001 certified server in Germany and your data will only be released on official order, e.g. by the public health department.

Are the stickers accepted everywhere?

C-Sticker makes your life easier and makes sure that the caterer can provide your data to the authorities without having to have it himself. Not every restaurateur is familiar with C-Sticker, that’s why we and this website are there to help you.

How long will my data be stored?

You can have your data deleted at any time. You confirm that you have used all C-Stickers and 3 weeks later the data will be securely deleted.

Who can view my data?

You can simply log into the shop and view your data. Otherwise, your data will only be released by official order, e.g. from the public health department.

For restaurateurs

How does the C-Sticker work in my company?

To ensure that you have properly documented all guest visits, use your current form or the form designed for the C-Sticker from us, which you can find here. The guest no longer enters his contact details, but leaves his personal C-Sticker and the time of the visit.

How do I get the data of my visitors if necessary?

Very simple, you hand over your lists to the authorities as usual, they can then retrieve the contact information of the guests directly from C-Sticker.

How much does the C-Sticker cost me?

C-Sticker is free of charge for you as a gastronomer.

How can I join in?

Just send us a message to gastro@c-sticker.de and we will send you free displays so that you can inform your guests.