Put the mask on your personal data!

So that your data is not served to the neighbouring table as an appetizer.

Frequently criticized, but at the same time indispensable in times of Corona, is the collection of personal data during restaurant visits etc. However, many of the already crisis-ridden catering companies find it difficult to develop uniform and secure standards for the recording of data. Thus, very personal information such as address and telephone number all too often end up in a long list and can be viewed by every visitor to the restaurant or cafe. This is where the C-Sticker can help.

And this is how the C-Sticker works:

Visit gastronomy

When visiting a restaurant, bar or café, the caterer is legally obliged to record your data due to the current Corona situation.

Often your data is not secure

The recording of your data is usually done with lists in which all guests register. However, this means that your data can also be viewed by all subsequent guests.

Anonymise with C-Sticker and save time

C-Sticker contains an ID under which your data is securely stored with us. Just stick one of your C-Stickers on the list instead of entering your data manually each time. In case of an emergency, health authorities can retrieve your data from us, but not the person sitting next to you.

Support local gastronomy

C-Sticker supports the local gastronomy with a share of each order. So not only you but also your favourite restaurants benefit from our offer.

C-Sticker for you or the whole family: